Friday, April 2, 2010

Move is Almost Complete

Closing went great! So fun to see the SOLD sign in the front yard.

Thank goodness it was spring break this week. We had done a lot of packing in the weeks before the move so it made things a little easier... but as a result... this is what our 2nd bedroom looked like at the apartment!

We had a great moving team.... it was a family operation! But look out how systematically the U-haul is packed! It might have been more impressive in person... but you can't tell me that does not look good.

Thanks to our awesome families we are all moved in except hanging things on the FRESHLY PAINTED walls.

We made a few purchases to get ready to move in. First new sofa, love seat, chair, and ottoman. Thanks Ashley Furniture! Your store closing sale was awesome!

We also bought patio furniture from the owner. Not brand new but we can always update later.

Of course we needed a mower.... so we went with a John Deere. Brandon is excited to mow the lawn this weekend. Hope he is always as excited to mow the lawn.

And perhaps the most exciting.... a grill. We were really excited because our apartments did not allow real grills so we have only been allowed to use a George Foreman grill. Man do pork chops taste good on the real thing!

We have had a great week and feel pretty settled into our new place. We have met a few neighbors and they have been really nice. Can't wait until you all can come see it in person!

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