Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Months To Go!

We are not just five months away from July 24th!! It feels like time is flying by! In the planning stage we are really getting down the details of everything. Last weekend we went back to Bed Bath and Beyond and are getting really close to finishing up our initial gift registry. We will probably change our minds after we get the house and know more of what we need, but for now we have a really good start. We chose to register at Pottery Barn, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Macy's.

We will work on ordering invitations this weekend. We have picked out the ones we like and just need to work on the wording a little bit. There are only a few minor details to work out so the next few months should be pretty easy as far as wedding planning is concerned.... definitely a good thing since we will be packing, moving, painting, cleaning, etc. for the next month!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Palomino Meeting and Registering

We had yet another very full weekend. We got our weekend started with our initial planning meeting with the Palomino Ballroom (reception location). The meeting went really well. I felt like we were really prepared and had made the decisions that needed to be made. As a result our coordinator was able to really help us think through some of our thoughts and questions that we were not certain on. She was such a great help in assisting us with food and beverage choices as well as discussing what they could offer as far as decorating.

We also spent Saturday afternoon and almost all day Sunday registering for gifts. We got a pretty decent start but still have quite a ways to go. It is exciting to get to plan and design what we want everything to look like in our new house, but is was also difficult because we have only been in the house a handful of times. We devised a pretty good system of compromise and communication so that Brandon and I are both happy with the choices we made. Hopefully we can finish that process up in the next few weeks!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House! and Wedding Update

January 6??? Seriously that was the last time I blogged? Well Brandon and I did joke about January being the most productive month of our lives. February looks like it will be similar... but I think mother nature knew I needed a slow down. Zionsville Community Schools cancelled school today because of the snow so I will take full advantage of the day-- doing some things that I wanted to do and some things that I NEED to do.

Well, I will get to the most exciting news first! Brandon and I bought a house! We definitely were not expecting to do this so fast but we began the process thinking that it would take quite a while. We actually saw the house on our first time out. We went out a few more times that week seeing roughly 20 houses. Each one we compared to our favorite from the first day. So here it is!!!

The house is located in Zionsville and is really close to school. We will move in right before Spring Break.

We have also been really busy on the wedding front. Our first meeing at the Palomino (reception location) was supposed to be Saturday but was cancelled because of Friday's round of snow. We did not let that stop us and decided to make the day a total wedding extravaganza. We made three stops at Michael's to buy all of the materials needed for our centerpieces. Brandon's mom is making them for us and they turned out to be so beautiful. I can not wait to see the ballroom on July 24th! I think it is going to look great.

Tux shopping and bridesmaid dresses have also been on the plate for January/ Feburary. We were so lucky to get a knowledgeable and helpful sales guy when we went to the store Saturday. Our moms were with us too... with everyone's help I think we have picked out a great suit for the guys to wear. The bridesmaid dreses have also been chosen. They will be black and are super cute. The colors for the wedding have evolved over time but now we are definitely locked in on black and while, with accents of green. We are going to have the greatest looking bridal party ever!!

On a snowy day like today it is hard not to think about our honeymoon which we have also booked. We are headed to Mexico... close to Cancun, for a week after the wedding. Right now we have just booked the room and travel arrangements but hopefully we can look into an excursion or two. It will be a wonderful trip!

Next on our to-do list is picking out and ordering invitations as well as registering for gifts. Phew... I think I need another snow day tomorrow!