Tuesday, April 27, 2010

John Wooden

The pastor at our church has been doing a really good series on marriage which is perfect for Brandon and I. This week he shared a video about John Wooden and his life long love. It was the cutest video so I thought I would share it with you all. I don't know how to do videos on here so you will just have to follow the link.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Home Improvement Project

I finished my class this weekend... YAY!! So I have three weeks off before my LAST class begins. It was a rainy day Saturday so we decided to work on a home improvement project. We picked out blinds for the kitchen and family room a few weeks ago and liked them so much we decided to put them in our bedroom, living room, and dining room. They are not anything fancy but are a drastic improvement from what was orginally in the house. We really like the way they look on the windows. We will be working on adding drapes as well.

Last weekend we picked up our new coffee table and end table for the family room.

With the coffee table and the drapes in the family room it is almost finished. We still need to work on updating some of the decorations in the room, but plan to do that over time. For now, here is what it looks like.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Number Story

At school our teaching assignments have been somewhat up in the air for the last few months. Today we got some information and while nothing is set in stone it looks like I will be teaching math again. I enjoyed almost all parts of my job, but I did think that teaching math was fun. There were lots of puzzles to put together and I really enjoyed seeing all the lightbulbs go off!! So in honor of numbers, I will share a little bit about recent events with you.

This weekend I participated in the

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Over 40,000 people got together to try to raise $1.2 million dollars for Breast Cancer research. It was a chilly morning but turned out to be a great day. I had a great time walking and had even better company.

After the race,

of my awesome friends came over to help me assemble wedding invitations. They saved me hours of time and were awesome helpers. There are a few things still to do in order to get them ready, but we got a ton done. THANK YOU!!!!! And in case you are wondering, there are

days until the wedding. I could not believe it but theknot.com reminded me that time is running out!!! And finally.......

is how many school days are left until school is out. I was going to start the countdown at 30, but then you would have had to wait to hear my number story!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Move is Almost Complete

Closing went great! So fun to see the SOLD sign in the front yard.

Thank goodness it was spring break this week. We had done a lot of packing in the weeks before the move so it made things a little easier... but as a result... this is what our 2nd bedroom looked like at the apartment!

We had a great moving team.... it was a family operation! But look out how systematically the U-haul is packed! It might have been more impressive in person... but you can't tell me that does not look good.

Thanks to our awesome families we are all moved in except hanging things on the FRESHLY PAINTED walls.

We made a few purchases to get ready to move in. First new sofa, love seat, chair, and ottoman. Thanks Ashley Furniture! Your store closing sale was awesome!

We also bought patio furniture from the owner. Not brand new but we can always update later.

Of course we needed a mower.... so we went with a John Deere. Brandon is excited to mow the lawn this weekend. Hope he is always as excited to mow the lawn.

And perhaps the most exciting.... a grill. We were really excited because our apartments did not allow real grills so we have only been allowed to use a George Foreman grill. Man do pork chops taste good on the real thing!

We have had a great week and feel pretty settled into our new place. We have met a few neighbors and they have been really nice. Can't wait until you all can come see it in person!