Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: Dating

I thought it would be neat to allow pictures tell the story of how Brandon and I got where we are today.

In this picture, Brandon and I are visiting the Jack Daniel's Distillery. We took a trip to Memphis and Nashville over Spring Break one year. We discovered we had similar vacationing styles. We both are super curious and love to just to roam around museums, take tours, and just explore new places. In five days we visited Graceland, the Gibson guitar factory, The Civil Rights Museum, and The Country Music Hall of Fame. I might be missing something but it was a jam packed, fun filled trip.

Brandon and I also discovered a passion for food. Throughout our childhood our moms cooked for us and during college we both lived in Greek houses. After college we began to cook for ourselves for the first time. We researched new recipes to make for each other. To this day it is something we enjoy doing together. Too bad neither of us like doing the dishes! Pictured below is the best food found at the Indiana State Fair. We always eat healthier than this, but the picture makes both of us laugh so I thought I had to include it.
Brandon and I both share a love for the Colts. When the Colts play away games we like to throw our own tailgate parties with football food. It is such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Brandon and I also share a love of country music. Brandon got me tickets to see Kenney Chesney, Keith Urban, and some others last summer for my birthday. It was so fun to see Keith Urban because he is one of my favorites. Here we are at the concert.

There are many mixed emotions from the last picture. Over Christmas break last year, Brandon joined my family on their annual vacation. We usually go to Hawaii but traded that in for Keystone, Colorado. Keystone was beautiful in its own way, but Hawaii is definitely more up my alley. It was a great time for Brandon to get to know my extended family better and it meant the world for me that he wanted to go. I think he had a blast skiing and I am proud of myself for at least attempting. The best part of the trip was that he spent over a week with my family and we all got along great. The village where we stayed had the cutest statue of a ski bum couple... still in love. So Brandon and I had to get our picture taken with it!

The last four years are filled with many more memories that are special to me. Check back next week to find out what happened on April 11, 2009.

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  1. Hey Shannon! I'm so glad I updated my blog today and found that you were a follower and had your own blog! I will be checking in :)
    I am a tad bit jealous that you got to see Keith Urban-he is my favorite (well and Brad Paisley).

    We'll have to try to get together sometime so you can meet Alice!