Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: How We Met

I thought I would liven up the blog with a weekly wedding update on Wednesday. So look forward to a wedding update every Wednesday. I will start with one of the most important details... how we met!

It was the summer of 2005 and I had just moved back to the Indy area after graduating from Purdue. One of my best friends from college was marrying one of Brandon's best friends from college. There were several social events that we both attended. I secretly admired Brandon from a distance. He does not admit that I had caught his eye... but I know I did. ;) Finally it was the weekend of our friends' wedding and Brandon and I really hit it off. That night he noticed me for sure. Here is a picture of us at our friends' wedding.

Now there are different renditions of what our first date actually was, how it happened, and how it went. After much discussion, we decided that our first official date took place at Bazbeaux's in Broadripple in August 2005.


  1. Hi Shannon! I am a blogging junkie, too! :) Your blog looks great. It's such fun, right? Enjoy...