Monday, April 19, 2010

A Number Story

At school our teaching assignments have been somewhat up in the air for the last few months. Today we got some information and while nothing is set in stone it looks like I will be teaching math again. I enjoyed almost all parts of my job, but I did think that teaching math was fun. There were lots of puzzles to put together and I really enjoyed seeing all the lightbulbs go off!! So in honor of numbers, I will share a little bit about recent events with you.

This weekend I participated in the

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Over 40,000 people got together to try to raise $1.2 million dollars for Breast Cancer research. It was a chilly morning but turned out to be a great day. I had a great time walking and had even better company.

After the race,

of my awesome friends came over to help me assemble wedding invitations. They saved me hours of time and were awesome helpers. There are a few things still to do in order to get them ready, but we got a ton done. THANK YOU!!!!! And in case you are wondering, there are

days until the wedding. I could not believe it but reminded me that time is running out!!! And finally.......

is how many school days are left until school is out. I was going to start the countdown at 30, but then you would have had to wait to hear my number story!!

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