Monday, February 15, 2010

Palomino Meeting and Registering

We had yet another very full weekend. We got our weekend started with our initial planning meeting with the Palomino Ballroom (reception location). The meeting went really well. I felt like we were really prepared and had made the decisions that needed to be made. As a result our coordinator was able to really help us think through some of our thoughts and questions that we were not certain on. She was such a great help in assisting us with food and beverage choices as well as discussing what they could offer as far as decorating.

We also spent Saturday afternoon and almost all day Sunday registering for gifts. We got a pretty decent start but still have quite a ways to go. It is exciting to get to plan and design what we want everything to look like in our new house, but is was also difficult because we have only been in the house a handful of times. We devised a pretty good system of compromise and communication so that Brandon and I are both happy with the choices we made. Hopefully we can finish that process up in the next few weeks!!

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