Monday, December 14, 2009


I am so glad to have just finished up my BSU course for this semester. 8 down and only 2 to go until I graduate!! It has been a really busy semester so I am glad to have almost a full month before I begin my next class. What will I be up to???

  • Wedding-- lots to do including register for gifts, shop for wedding bands, gather ideas for centerpieces, figure out flowers, work on planning our honeymoon, finalize detials for bridesmaid dresses
  • Christmas shopping-- LOTS of this to do still!
  • Read a good book-- I just started Shopahalic Ties the Knot and am looking for a second book to read over break
  • Catch up on any Reality TV marathons that might be on
  • Anything else that includes relaxation

4 schools days left until break!! OBVIOUSLY I am excited! :)


  1. My 2 cents about books...anything else by this author (non-shopaholic) is EXCELLENT! Also, I loved 2 books called Something Borrowed and Something Blue! And I just finished Nicholas Sparks new book (The Last Song, it was great) And...LOL. I could go on and on. Have fun! :)

  2. I have all of the Shopaholic books if you want to some other FANTASTIC reads if you get bored! :)